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bringing honor to the banking industry.

honor bank has been a valued greenlight client for nearly four years. when greenlight was first engaged, honor bank faced the daunting task of entering an already-crowded banking market. the bank was viewed as a “small town” bank without the expertise and resources of its larger competitors. greenlight saw things differently. where some saw “small”, we saw “personal”. where some saw “unsophisticated”, we saw “simplicity and convenience”. we also saw an opportunity to capitalize on the bank’s name, which comes from the town in which it was founded; honor, michigan. greenlight launched a campaign, using tv, radio, web and print. we quickly let customers know they had a new choice in banking. a bank that honored things like friendly service, personal commitment, and a dedication to doing things right. the campaign has helped make honor bank one of the “players” in the regional financial market. and after running for three years, it continues to draw attention to all that honor bank has to offer.